Qasim Yar Tiwana | Family, Wedding Pics, Age, Biography, Education, Height, Scandal, Weight, Wife, Wiki & More

Qasim Yar Tiwana | Family, Wedding Pics, Age, Biography, Education, Height, Scandal, Weight, Wife, Wiki & More

1. QYT, these initials are so familiar and a symbol of success, how did this happen?
QYT is the brand under the symbol my first theme event launched in 2004. The location on the Polo Club, certainly one of the exclusive places of Lahore, was charged with a chick crowd that kept purring with excitement as the evening wore on and the touch QYT was a hit at night, with top models and celebrities to spread the news about an imaginative QYT within one year after passing out NCA had proved that he loves making things beautiful.

Besides my formal education, the feudal hospitality subtle touch, accompanied by polite, dignified attitude was mesmerized my guests and has contributed to the elite of Lahore rock.

2. If your current position, do you consider this the pinnacle of your career, whether you’re still focused on the canvas of your business improve?
I’m still in the learning process and there is a long way to go, yes I accept that all my events are leaders not only in Pakistan but internationally regarded corporate giants like Apple, Samsonite, Mobilink, Warid, Watten, Rafi Group Damas, Apple, Chimera, Nokia and Royal Palm Golf and Country Club still associate with me and I have some vivid memories of the fantastic shows that I did for royal families of Brunei, Jordan, King Abdullah and Queen Rania attended my shows and who wore a cultural touch. Yet I feel that so much more I want to do.

I must share with you that I was born with an unusually good sense of beauty and grace and my curiosity about things that interest me is incomprehensible.

3. Along the way, you already have a guru or a role model?
I can not attribute my success gurus, but there is a name I can not miss, that of Neelofar Shahid. A family friend, a senior and a gifted person with whom the bond is natural.

As a mentor she had a big impact on my progress. And let me hastily add here that I am indebted to my brother Hassan Yar Tiwana. He has supported me completely.


And an admission I was lucky in getting a very sympathetic teacher, Zafar Ullah Siddique, in the 12th grade in Islamabad. I am permanently indebted to him as he gave me insight into my personality and I have immense respect for his leadership and humanitarian perspective, he ingrained in me element of compassion and creativity and a set of values ​​that have helped me in my career. Even now I catch him and he is always there with his conduct, warmth and smiling face.

4. Teams training, this fact is important?
QYT has an office in Lahore and Islamabad in one led by my brother and my team has a perfect harmony when it comes to delivering the very best.

A stream of young people are so willing for me to work as trainees in the course of the internship is striking is their desire to learn and work in a harmonious order. Many of these young people have moved to event managers of the value, capable of excellence in their work.

5. The parents are supportive?
My parents are deceased, long before I entered the practical life, yet, when I think back I recall that they were the ones that made me believe in me an enormous reservoir of untapped potential to achieve success, happiness and prosperity. Hailing from an agricultural background, there was always enough to feel cheerful and gifted and privileged, and it is because of the legacy of my command, today I left the bank on my income from event management and related activities. Yes it does to supplement my income. Here I share with you the impact that my mother on me. I am grateful to her for me and all the values ​​they impact her education instilled in me taught.


As a youngster, I was intensely pleased with the approach of my parents and I consider myself lucky as I enjoyed all the gifts of life in lavish abundance, my mother in particular, was a person who constantly lived in good thoughts and tossed around an atmosphere of sweetness and beauty, and because her sterling qualities, there was a lot of purity and joy and cheers in our house. The “Khan Dani touch did wonders in my life.

6. What about your greatest fear of competitors, of course?
I believe that faith and purpose of the power of life forms. You can reach countless heroic deeds but a determined purpose and strong faith, by the exercise of the silent, I believe it to myself and my team to strengthen and I have no fear as far as competitors.

And I am a strong supporter of that competition must be there, it keeps you focused on more and more performance.

7. Any regrets in life, although you are young and probably to compensate them?
Fortunately, it is hardly regrets.


8. QYT organizes the events that take considerable money and think you have enough value added to such events?
My clients are people of taste and strive for quality in everything they do. But budgets are always a consideration and does not wash ages may creep in.

9. A message for young people in your field?
Hard work, hands on person and believe in yourself.

10. Finally no feeling for the little ones who need significant help?
Consider yourself before all others and prevents cramps every noble and divine impulse. Such is the lesson my parents have passed on to me and so I let my heart and soul to reach to others in loving and generous warmth.

More practically, I am actively involved in charity work in collusion with NGO.s as a Friend of the Children’s (President: Novena Amjad), Children’s Hospital.


Smile Foundation (President: Musarat Misbah), Labarde (Chair: Bushra Aetazaz) Escort and Foundation (President: Bashir Rakshi).

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