Nilotpal Das Family, Wedding Pics | Age, Biography, Height, Wiki, Wife, Daughter, Son

Nilotpal Das Family, Wedding Pics | Age, Biography, Height, Wiki, Wife, Daughter, Son

The lynching of two young men from Guwahati — Abhijeet Nath and Nilotpal Das — in Dokmoka in West Karbi Anglong district of Assam has only exposed the Assamese more.

While a ruthless blood-thirsty mob killed the two young men, “mistaking” them to be “Bihari” child-lifters, those seeking justice for Abhijeet and Nilotpal have found an excuse to channelise their suppressed anger, threatening to kill all Karbis — to burn down Karbi Anglong.

But perhaps not all is lost. The young Assamese can still hope to salvage their pride and identity without nursing grudges against each other. What better example than Radhika and Gopal Chandra Das, the parents of Nilotpal Das. Even as protests continued to rage across the state, the parents have urged people to refrain from participating in the “politics of hate”.

The men had stopped to ask directions in north-eastern Assam state when they were beaten to death by a large mob.

Rumours of child kidnappings are spreading across India over WhatsApp, and have already led to the deaths of seven other people in the past month.

Police say it is proving hard to debunk the messages on social media.

The two latest victims have been identified as Nilotpal Das, an audio engineer and Abijeet Nath, a digital artist – both residents of Guwahati, the largest city in Assam.

Police say the pair were attacked when they stopped at a village to ask for directions. Residents reportedly believed they were “kidnappers” they had been warned about on WhatsApp.

It has been more than 24 hours since Guwahati resident Ankur Saikia lost his best friend Nilotpal Das, but he is still in disbelief over the tragedy. “He was a brilliant musician, an aspiring singer and most importantly, a great human being,” Saikia recalls his last memories with Das. “We had a jam session at my house on Thursday and on Friday evening he was no more.”

Das, 29, and his friend Abhijeet Nath, 30, were lynched by a mob after they were mistaken for child lifters in Assam’s Karbi Anglong on Friday. The police have arrested fifteen accused so far.

Das, a sound engineer based in Goa, and Nath, a businessman from Guwahati, had gone to a picnic spot Kangthilangso in Karbi Anglong to capture the sounds of nature on Friday night. The duo was stopped by some villagers at Panjuri on their way back, pulled out of the car and thrashed. The Mahindra Scorpio, an SUV in which they were travelling in, was also damaged in the attack by the mob.

A video, which has gone viral on social media, Das is seen pleading before his attackers that he was an Assamese and from Guwahati. “Don’t kill me…please don’t beat me. I am an Assamese. Believe me, I am speaking the truth.

My father’s name is Gopal Chandra Das and mother’s name is Radhika Das…please let me go.” These were Das’ last words before he was killed. Nath, who hailed from Six Mile area in Guwahati, was also thrashed to death with bamboo sticks and kicks.

Das, who loved travelling, had gone to Himachal Pradesh after completing his graduation where he met one Aditya Dikshit. Soon both decided to start a décor company.

In 2014, Dikshit and Das began their professional career with the start-up, Semaluna, and shared the same flat in Goa for around five years.

“I can still see his music instruments lying on his bed…. Believe me, he never hurt even an insect in his life, how could they accuse him of being a child lifter? How could someone kill him so mercilessly?” Dikshit said while questioning growing intolerance among youth.

According to local media reports, some alleged that as Das was sporting long dreadlocks, he immediately caught the attention of the mob, who took him as a child abductor. Dikshit said Das wasn’t only a passionate musician but also loved his long hair and tattoos. “In the past five years, he never had a haircut. Yes, he looked different. But I never imagined one day he could be lynched for this simple reason,” Dikshit tells Outlook over the phone from Goa.

“Nilotpal wasn’t killed by people, he was killed by the system, he was lynched by the barbaric mindsets,” says Dikshit as turns emotional.

He regrets that they had a little argument days before Das left for Guwahati, his hometown, from Goa on a solo bike ride, covering 5,300 km, in April on the occasion of Assamese festival Bihu. But little could he have imagined that his friend would meet a brutal death in his homeland.

“Nilotpal had traveled to almost every state in the country. But he would always tell me that Assam is the most beautiful place. In fact, he had plans to promote Assam’s tourism through his music…See the irony…” Dikshit adds.

During Das’ journey, Saikia recalls, many a time his bike broke down in secluded places while crossing Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal, but no one harmed him.

On the other hand, Saikia says, Nath was introvert, but he too loved nature and animals. “A few years ago, when Nath’s pet dog died, he didn’t eat for three days. He was also fond of fish and had gone to Karbi Anglong to see fish in a river nearby. How could he be a child kidnapper?” says Psychia.

Nilotpal Das had come home only last month, according to reports. He was based in Mumbai and travelled to Goa often for work. His relatives said he had taken up music while in college in Delhi and trained in a range of instruments from across the world. A few years ago, he had learnt to play the gogona, an Assamese reed instrument used in Bihu music, said his father.

“He made tattoos, he decorated pubs, he was the most talented among us,” said a family friend at the Das home. Muffling his voice as Das’ mother Radhika Das, a retired school teacher, entered the family living room, he added, “And he looked so unusual with his dreadlocks, which he got done when he started living in Mumbai a few years ago.”

Along with his parents and his sister, Das is survived by an older brother who lives in Ahmedabad.

At the Nath home in Guwahati’s Six Mile area on Sunday, relatives spoke about his unique hobby. Pointing to a huge aquarium, Kumud Deka said his nephew, who was also an only son, had always been an animal lover.

As the clock struck four, one of Nath’s cousins entered the living room and announced that a demonstration against the killings had been scheduled for later that evening.

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