Main Ayesha Gul Urdu1 | cast real name, OST lyrics, title song mp3 download

Main Ayesha Gul Urdu1 | cast real name, OST lyrics, title song mp3 download

Berk Oktay
Eda Ece
Pamir Pekin
Seren Sirince

Mein Ayesha Gul is a Turkish drama serial which will be aired on Pakistani drama channel URDU 1. In this serial very famous and beautiful Turkish drama casts are playing leading roles. In Pakistan, this serial is air with a name Mein Ayesha Gul. This serial is based on a story of a very bold and beautiful girl.

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Aysegul (Seren Şirince) a young girl who lives in a house with her pet cat Minak. Ayesagul aspires to be a writer. Her friends trick her into going for a vacation where she meets the famous actor Can Tekin (Berk Oktay) and accidentally vomits on him. She tries her best to apologize, but Can is way too angry at her. Meanwhile her friends, Ece and Efe sell her house. Aysegul returns to find out she is homeless.

With no other option, she decides to go to her former house and request the new owner to let her stay there. It is revealed that the new owner of the house is Can Tiken. After a series of fights, Can finally allows her stay stay till she finds shelter but for that she has to do all the house chores for Can. Can is in love with his beautiful fashion designer friemd Elif (Eda Ece) but Elif is in love with Murat.

Can, Murat and Elif are childhood friends. A huge party is thrown to which celebritoes such as Can Tiken are invited. Aysegul also goes there as she wants to find a producer/director who can accept her script and make her a writer so that she can earn money. Can gets angry on Aysegul’s appearance there. At the party, Elif confesses to Murat that she loves him but Murat does not return her feelings and instead tells her that Can is in love with her.


Engraged, Elif goes to Can in front of the media and says blames him for being the reason why Murat rejected her. Can replies that he is in love with Ayseguk and the two are going to get married. This leaves everyone, including Aysegul herself, shocked. At their house, Can makes a deal with Aysegul. Aysegul has to marry Can for six months and do all the house chores and after the end of those months, they will get divorced and Aysegul will get her house.

Aysegul agrees to sign the contradict. Another condition of the contract is to keep this deal a secret. Can Tiken’s mother Mediha meets Aysegul and is devastated by Aysegul’s lack of proper manners and her incomplete education. Can’s father is Dr. Tahsin Tiken, who is a very busy man. Ismail Tiken, Can’s grandfather, wholeheartedly welcomes Aysegul to the family and quickly befriends her. He even wants Aysegul and Can to live in his house though Can wants to live in a separate house because of his differences with his father, Tahsin .

Aysegul and Can get married. Seeing this, despite the fact that Elif loves Murat, she starts feeling jealous of Aysegul and begins to spend more time with Can. Meanwhile Murat tells Aysegul that despite her scripts are horrible, he can help her improve her writing and gives her a job. Aysegul finds a hard time completing the household chores as she wants to do only one thing; writing. Meanwhile Aysegul falls in love with Can while Murat falls in love with Aysegul due to her innocence.

When Can came to know that Murat loves Aysegul he feels jealous. Later Can also falls in love with Aysegul. One day Aysegul goes to Can and tells her that she wants divorce from him and that she loves him.


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