Madiha Gohar Death Pics | Age, Biography, Family, Wedding, Wiki, Husband, Daughter, Son

Madiha Gohar Death Pics | Age, Biography, Family, Wedding, Wiki, Husband, Daughter, Son

Pakistani actress
Born: 1956, Karachi, Pakistan
Died: April 25, 2018

Siblings: Feryal Gauhar
Organization founded: Ajoka Theatre

Madeeha Gauhar (Urdu: مدیحہ گوہر‎; 21 September 1956 – 25 April 2018) was a Pakistani actress, playwright and director of social theater, and women’s rights activist. In 1983 she founded Ajoka Theatre where social themes are staged in theaters, on the street and in public spaces. With Ajoka she performed in Asia and Europe

Born in 1956 in Karachi, she received her education in English literature and went to UK to receive a degree in Theatre Science.
After her return from UK, she founded Ajoka Theatre in 1984.

The versatile actor and director was well known for her theatrical contributions through Ajoka Theatre. Through her dedication to theatre, Gauhar became the recipient of Pride of Performance and other national and international awards, including the Prince Claus Award.

She was famous not only in Pakistan, but also gained fame in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Europe.

Madeeha Gohar was married to director, producer and writer Shahid Nadeem. With her husband, Gauhar worked tirelessly to bring Ajoka Theatre’s name on the world map of performing arts. Ajoka Theatre’s work focused on various social issues related to human rights.

She was the elder sister of actress Faryal Gohar and mother of actress, director, and producer Savera Nadeem.

Many prominent politicians, artists and journalists paid their respects to Gauhar on Twitter.

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