Madhavi Juvekar | Family Pics, Age, Biography, Education, Height, Weight, Wedding, Husband, Wiki, Scandal & More

Madhavi Juvekar | Family Pics, Age, Biography, Education, Height, Weight, Wedding, Husband, Wiki, Scandal & More

In a shocking video which went viral on the social media in which Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST)’s staff are seen dancing like there is no tomorrow in the Wadala depot, Mumbai. However, when you will watch this video carefully then you will find out that, the staffer is seen throwing currency notes at a woman, who can be seen dancing in an obscene way.

The video shows both men and women dancing in an obscene way, tossing currency notes in the air, and at each other, a vulgar form of celebration disrespecting the institution which is facing a severe financial crisis. But do you know who is that lady on whom all people are throwing notes? Well, she is none other than famous Marathi TV and film actress Madhavi Juvekar.

Madhavi Juvekar predominantly works in Marathi TV serials as well as films. We can see, Madhavi dancing like a party girl, but do you know she is also the BEST employee.

Madhavi began her career in 2009 with the Marathi film Gosht Choti Dongraevadhi. She has also been seen in Jhing Chik Jhing, Superstar.
Moreover, the actress has also worked in Hindi film like Ship of Theseus. Interestingly, Madhavi has come into the limelight with her solid appearances in the Marathi comedy show Fu Bai Fu.

Well, the video which went viral on the social networking sites is said to be the celebration of Dussehra, which is usually organised in every government office. However, this insane celebration created major havoc among the masses.

But, when Madhavi was asked about this video, she told Mumbai Live that, “Notes in the video are plastic made notes of ‘Children Money Bank’. In fact, the program was for just entertainment, it has been portrayed in a wrong way. I won’t dance on real currency notes in my life. We have danced in different-different ways. But in this video, we have done ‘Kacchi Dance’. With that, we have done many folk dances like garba, jogwa and mangalagaur (Marathi folk dance). Usually, in Kacchi Dance form, dancer supposed to keep money on their forehead and dance. Moreover, in it, the dancer has to take out notes from other dancer’s mouth. But just to slander me, this incident came out. However, BEST authorities are always there for me.”


Madhavi Juvekar is a known Marathi TV and Film actress. She is from Thane and brought up in Mumbai. She had her schooling and college from Mumbai itself and during her student life she was active in cultural activities and thus participated in a number of activities allowing her to make her career in the acting world. And soon with her brief struggle, she got the chance to work in working in few TV serials and soon got the chance to work in silver screen as well.

Her first Marathi movie started with the film Manya- The Wonder Boy, which followed by another film called Dho Dho Pausatil, One Day Match, Jhing Chik Jhing, Bokya Satbande, Dhongraevadhi TingyaGopya and Goshta Choti. Her recent Marathi film is Black Board, which was released in Diwali 2014. Currently she is in talks with the filmmakers for her upcoming project. As far as her personal life is concerned, she is still single and is not known to date anyone.

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