Junaid Arshad Wife Pics | Age, Biography, Facebook, Family, Wedding, Wiki, Daughter, Son

Junaid Arshad Wife Pics | Age, Biography, Facebook, Family, Wedding, Wiki, Daughter, Son


The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cyber crime wing on Monday declared a senior Punjab Police official as an absconder after he uploaded his wife’s private pictures and videos on social media.

According to Express News, FIA asked assistance from the provincial police and other law enforcement agencies to arrest the accused, SP Junaid Arshad.

Arshad made a fake Facebook account with the help of a friend and sent pictures of his wife to her family, to prove her alleged immorality after she refused to permit him from marrying a second time.

The complaint with the agency was registered by Arshad’s wife.


Cybercrime: Suspect arrested for blackmail

During the investigation, FIA came to the conclusion that Arshad was behind the creation of the fake account and registered a case against him. Arshad managed to flee after the court rejected his bail.

Last month, the agency’s cyber crime wing arrested a suspect for harassing and blackmailing a girl by threatening to share her private videos and photos.


The suspect was identified as Hammad Khursheed, a resident of Kahuta, Rawalpindi. An officer from the FIA said that the complaint was lodged by a citizen named Mohammad Tariq.

Tariq alleged that the accused was blackmailing his daughter through Whatsapp and demanding money amounting to Rs0.1 million. He told the agency that Hammad accessed data including private photos and videos of his daughter. The complainant added that the suspect was supposed to meet them at the Mozang Orange Line Metro Bus Station.



Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) Junaid Arshad is accused of blackmailing his former wife. A case was registered against DIG Gilgit-Baltistan on Monday after his former wife alleged that he blackmailed her by uploading her ‘objectionable’ pictures on social media.

DIG Police Junaid Arshad Posted Private Pics of Ex Wife on Social Media to Blackmail her

According to details, Junaid Arshad with the help of his friend Danish Ghani, blackmailed his Ex Wife, upon which she filed a case against him in court.


The Court issued summons to DIG, Junaid Arshad, sources said that the suspect did not present himself despite the summons issued to him.

A raid was carried out for Arshad’s arrest but he already obtained a pre-arrest bail. The case was registered by the Federal Investigation Agency’s cyber-crime wing.

A woman who is ex wife of Deputy Inspector General of Police is not safe, then how can one expect justice from Police department whose high ranked officials are corrupt as well.

Authorities should take serious action and if found guilty should not only suspended him but give him and exemplary punishment to set an example in police department.

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