Ishq Tamasha review | the super-hit drama of Aiman Khan, Faizan Khawaja, Junaid Khan, Kinza Hashmi

Ishq Tamasha review | the super-hit drama of Aiman Khan, Faizan Khawaja, Junaid Khan, Kinza Hashmi


Ishq Tamasha is a Pakistani new drama serial which is presented by MD production in the direction of Danish Nawaz. This serial is aired on HUM TV at 8 pm on every Sunday. In this serial Junaid Khan, one of the popular actors is playing a leading role with Aiman Khan and Kinza Hashmi. This serial is based on a beautiful and interesting love story.

Writer: Misbah Nosheen
Director: Danish Nawaz
Producer: M.D. Productions


Aiman Khan
Faizan Khawaja
Junaid Khan
Kinza Hashmi


The drama is a must watch due to its simple yet engaging story, and of course, because of its talented cast. “Ishq Tamasha” is becoming one of Sunday’s favorites for many owing to its simple yet engaging storyline. Written by Misbah Nosheen, “Ishq Tamasha” is a simple story revolving around not-so-complicated dialogues and beautiful execution.

We rarely come across a drama that is as simple yet as engaging as Ishq Tamasha is. This one beautiful story makes you forget everything that goes around for a while and become involved with the characters onscreen. Danish Nawaz, the director, and Misbah Nosheen, the writer, together have created a combustible combination, with Ishq Tamasha; a drama so straightforward in its story but one that engulfs you completely.

Ishq Tamasha is one such drama that hooks you with its interesting story. This one drama has rekindled our love for ‘afsanas’ because that’s what it looks like. Its simple, its sweet and no matter how much of a chaos occurs during the episode, you find yourself sitting still for the entire duration.

After a long time we have a Sunday where we cant wait to wrap everything up and sit down in front of our TV screens to watch the latest episode of Ishq Tamasha as Junaid Khan and Aiman Khan, not to forget Kinza Hashmi and Faizan Khawaja have quickly become our favorites each week we tune in anticipation catch the latest episode.

If there is one play on air these days which makes us await its next episode eagerly it is Ishq Tamasha starring Junaid Khan and Aiman Khan as its leading pair and joined by Kinza Hashmi and Faizan Khawaja. From brilliant chemistry between the lead pairs to the amazing execution of this beautiful script by Misbah Nosheen, Ishq Tamasha gives you just about everything wrapped in one.

There is something very special about Ishq Tamasha as ever since it went on air and we saw its first episode, it has managed to keep us hooked. The chemistry between Junaid Khan and Aiman Khan and also Faizan and Kinza Hashmi, is absolutely intense and it makes you eager to see the latest episode every week.

It is quite amazing to see Ishq Tamasha continuing to do so well week after week. The drama continues to win hearts with its intriguing story as it is a tale revolving around four people who are still entangled in a web which they can’t seem to get out of and it is because of this, that we continue to watch the play.


Misbah Nosheen has written a beautiful story that engulfs you completely. You really cannot help but fall in love with Ishq Tamasha’s simplicity.

Written by Misbah Nosheen, Ishq Tamasha is a beautiful story and that it keeps you thoroughly engulfed in its complications. As a viewer you actually enjoy all the misunderstandings which are happening in the play as it keeps you right at the edge of your seat.

Misbah Nosheen really knows what goes down well when it comes to onscreen love and romance. Without actually going over the top, the writer has given you a beautiful story that has us hooked to it, eager to find out what happens of everybody involved.

The writer Misbah Nosheen knows her craft well. Her characters are so well defined and written in such a manner that these fictional characters have become a member of our family and their pain and sorrow is something which affects us as well.

Written by Misbah Nosheen, we are in love with her style of writing as it is not too complicated and dialogues are kept very close to reality. Often what happens is that when you try to put in too much of emotions, the audiences tend to loose interest and the drama reminds you of either attending a class. However, Ishq Tamasha takes a very light approach when it comes to dialogues, with each character saying what we might have found ourselves saying in a similar situation.


Danish Nawaz’s impeccable direction and the four main leads make Ishq Tamasha an all time favorite.

Also doing full justice to her script is director Danish Nawaz, whom we became a fan right after Sun Yara and even here his scenes are not dragged and his actors are performing so well that now each person in this play has become like a member of our own family whose heartaches we even feel.

Directed by Danish Nawaz, we became a fan of his after Sun Yara and his pairing with Junaid Khan never goes wrong. The actor director chemistry is evident in the case of this duo as they understand each other very well and the kind of work which Danish extracts from Junaid makes his characters be remembered for a long time to come be it Talal or be it now Mehrab.

If we talk about the performances then the truth is that absolutely nobody disappointed and that is where Danish Nawaz has done a tremendous job. He knows what he wants from his actors and right from the little girl playing Uswa to the major characters, each actor nails their role.

Director Danish Nawaz has done a superb job in casting actors who are doing complete justice to their roles. From Kinza Hashmi to Furqan Qureshi, we are in love with Ishq Tamasha more so because of the brilliant on screen chemistry between Junaid and Aiman Khan but our only request to the team is to include more scenes of Junaid and Aiman together as their interaction is too limited at the moment.

Ishq Tamasha review | the super-hit drama of Aiman Khan, Faizan Khawaja, Junaid Khan, Kinza Hashmi


Aiman Khan has performed well as she possesses the quality of getting deep in to her character which makes the play more interesting.

Aiman Khan as Mirha is beautiful and troubled. The actress knows her part and she’s nailing playing the damsel in distress. We just wish, she can experiment more with the type of roles she does, but nonetheless, nobody, other than Aiman, would suit Mirha, because she brings a balance to this distressed character like none else.

Aiman Khan is an actress who is on a roll these days with back to back hit plays and the reason why this young talent is so successful is because of the honesty with which she works


Junaid Khan does not disappoint at all as he carries himself with grace as needed for a character like Mehrab who is well educated and quite wealthy.

Junaid Khan does a remarkable job as Mehraab. You’ll love his elder brother, protective persona and the way his character shuns everything, even the girl he likes, for his younger brother. Junaid Khan nails Mehraab with a sauve sophistication that is very rare amongst actors these days. There’s finese and precision with the way Junaid acts, and that’s exactly why we like following his dramas.


Faizan Khawaja on the other hand is definitely maturing as Arham. Even though he plays an emotional character, Faizan has managed to make Arham his own. Khawaja’s growth as an actor is visible in the few episode we’ve seen of Ishq Tamasha and his other serial Sodaye.

Gradually but very certainly Faizan Khawaja is making people a fan of his acting. His stint as Arham is superb. Khawaja nails his expressions and dialogues.


Kinza Hasmhi is a fresh face and an excellent Rushna. The way this young girl has portrayed Rushna, she definitely has made the character her own, making us believe she happened to be the perfect choice for the character.

Kinza Hashmi nails Rushna’s callousness. You hate Rushna for being so materialistic but you cannot help admire her guts for being upfront and honest. Kinza Hashmi has blown new life into Rushna and we definitely look forward to watching her week after week.

Ishq Tamasha OST title song lyrics

chann kithan guzaariya Ee raat ve
mendha jee daleelan de vaar ve
ho chann kithan guzaariya Ee

kotthray uttay kotthra mahi
kotthay sukk diya tooriyaan

kalleya raatan jaag ke
asaan ginniya teriya dooriyan ve

chann kithan guzaariya Ee raat ve
mendha jee daleelan de vaar ve
ho chann kithan guzaariya Ee

kotthray uttay kotthra mahi
kotthay baitha kaan bhalla

chann kithan guzaariya Ee raat ve
mendha jee daleelan de vaar ve
ho chann kithan guzaariya Ee

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