HOT MAN: Breathtaking ALI JOSH Diet, Beauty, Bodybuilding, Fitness, Health, Workout & Style Tips

HOT MAN: Breathtaking ALI JOSH Diet, Beauty, Bodybuilding, Fitness, Health, Workout & Style Tips

Ali Josh, the breathtaking Pakistani actor, is not just known for his excellent acting skills but also for his chiseled physique. Let us have a look at Ali Josh’s workout routine and diet plans that are responsible for his fascinating looks.

Ali Josh is a superstar and he is unstoppable. He is flying high with his acting abilities, persona and charisma. We’ve got all our eyes on him.


Name: Muhammad Ali Josh
Place of Birth: Lahore
Place of Residence: Lahore
Age: Happy birthday on 23rd July.
Height: 5’11
Weight: 75 Kg
Waist size: 32
Bicep size: 15


Ali Josh does not like to give up his favorite foods to acquire the desired physique. Therefore, with a desire to get into the best possible shape, he is following the best diet plan which he reveals to Team HamariGossip:


He dont have a fixed diet plan
but eat healthy foods like salad, fruits, proteins and
less carbs like roti chawal and no meetha or soft drinks.
He dont eat late but prefer to have his food on time.
His routine keeps changing.
He sleep early and believe in taking 8 hours of sleep.

He eat carbs in the day like chapati or rice.

At night, he only take proteins and salad.



With a well-defined goal to enhance his stamina, endurance, flexibility, strength, and achieve a well-developed, athletic body, Ali Josh started working out in gym strenuously. He exercise 1 hour every day.



With his sun kissed looks and adonis frame, Ali Josh is easily one of Pakistan’s most stylish men.
Apart from owning the hottest body, he is also a sharp dresser.
He sets the temperature soaring with his sense of style.
Team HamariGossip ask Ali Josh about the secret to his fitness, health & style:

Eat according to your goals and exercise.
Don’t follow a trend because it’s fashionable. Make up your own style.
Feel comfortable in what you are wearing.
Don’t be afraid to try new styles.

We hope you all enjoyed his interview and tips. Team HamariGossip wishes Ali Josh all the best.


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