Dinesh Karthik first wife Nikita Family, Wedding Pics | Age, Biography, Height, Wiki, Scandal, Husband, Daughter, Son

Dinesh Karthik first wife Nikita Family, Wedding Pics | Age, Biography, Height, Wiki, Scandal, Husband, Daughter, Son

Name Nikita Vanjara
Also Known as Nikita Karthik / Nikita Vijay / Dinesh Karthik First Wife / Murali Vijay Wife

Biodata Profile / Wikipedia Information

Profile :

➢ Nikita Vanjara is the wife of Indian batsman cricketer Murali Vijay. Interestingly, she was earlier married to another Indian wicket-keeper batsman, Dinesh Karthik. Both the cricketers were really good friends for long time as they both used to play for Tamil Nadu and then for India.

➢ Nikita was born in Manor town of Palghar District, Maharashtra. For her education, she is a graduate in Commerce.

First Marriage::

➢ In 2007, Nikita married Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik. Nikita’s father Deepak and Karthik’s father Krishna Kumar were good friends. Both Nikita and Karthik were hence childhood friends and grew fond of each other.

➢ Both the families decided to turn their friendship into a relationship. And in the year 2007, Dinesh Karthik married his friend at a very young age of 21. Their marriage lasted for 5 long years. In the year 2012, Nikita and Dinesh got divorced.


➢ Some rumors were there that the incident that led to the break up of Karthik’s first marriage occurred during a Vijay Hazare trophy match in 2012. While others believe that it was in the same year during Indian Premier League (IPL) – Season 5 when Dinesh Karthik came to know about his wife’s affair with Murali Vijay.

➢ Following the rumors, Dinesh Karthik divorced Nikita while she was pregnant in 2012. With the divorce, Dinesh’s friendship with Murali Vijay also came to an end.

Second Marriage :

➢ Soon after the end of her first marriage, Nikita got married to Murali Vijay by the end of 2012. Their wedding was a private affair in Chennai.

➢ Later she gave birth to a baby boy in 2013, who was later named Naveen Murali Vijay. Nikita was rarely seen at Murali’s matches following the awkward situation with Dinesh.

➢ She gave birth to a third boy in October 2017.

Life Moves on.. :


➢ A year after the divorce, Dinesh Karthik met squash player, Dipika Pallikal, at a gym in Chennai. Eventually, they both fell in love.

➢ Dipika is a Malayali Christian with Syrian origin, so there were two separate ceremonies for their engagement and marriage each. They got engaged in November 2013, and had a different Christian and a Hindu ceremony, both at the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai. Both events were a closed and private affair attended by family and close friends.

➢ Dipika is an Indian squash player and was on the rise after her engagement. She won a bronze medal in the singles event at the Asian Games at Incheon in 2014 and a gold medal in the doubles with partner Joshna Chinappa at The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014.

➢ On August 18, 2015, the couple got married at a church in Chennai. On August 19, 2015, Dipika had a very private mehndi ceremony and the next day, the couple got married again in a traditional Hindu way.

➢ Both Dinesh Karthik and Nikita have moved on in their lives and are happily living with their respective partners.
Birthday / Date of Birth / Age No confirmed information on this

Marriage / Husband / Boyfriend Wedding Currently married / Her Partner name is the Indian Cricketer Murali Vijay.

Born In: Manor, Maharastra
Famous As: Wife Of Murali Vijay
Spouse/Ex-: Murali Vijay (M. 2012), Dinesh Karthik (M. 2007–2012)
Children: Iva (Daugher), Naveen (Son), Nirav (Boy)


Nikita Vijay is an Indian casting artist and socialite who is best known as the wife of Indian professional cricketer and right-handed opening batsman Murali Vijay. She was previously married to another Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik. She works as a casting artist at the Mumbai-based 3D casting company, Impressions Forever, which creates hand and feet impressions for babies, couples and families with 3D technology.

A mother of three beautiful children, she cherishes the fulfilling experience of making young parents happy with her casting work. During her third pregnancy, she appeared in a photoshoot for Amrita Samant, a maternity, newborn and child photographer based in Bangalore, with her son and her daughter. She is also present on social media and can often be seen supporting her husband.

Childhood & Early Life
Nikita Vijay was born as Nikita Vanjara and is from the Indian city of Manor in the State of Maharastra. Her father’s name is Deepak Vanjara. She spent her childhood days in Kuwait. She later completed her higher education with a degree in commerce.

Rise to Stardom

Nikita Vijay, known by her birth name Nikita Vanjara at the time, first made national news headlines briefly after her low-key marriage with the then promising wicketkeeper-batsman, Dinesh Karthik, in Mumbai on May 02, 2007. The event, which the Indian cricket team missed due to a conditioning camp, was not extensively covered by the media.

However, she appeared on several articles mentioning the marriage and her relationship with Karthik. Pictures from the wedding event were also published in the media, and she subsequently was spotted supporting her then husband in his cricket tours. Nevertheless, she became the favorite of gossip tabloids after the news of her hush-hush divorce from Karthik and hurried marriage to Murali Vijay was published in 2012. She regularly appears on her and her husband’s Instagram feeds.

Marriage to Dinesh Karthik


Nikita Vijay’s father, Deepak, is said to be best friends with Krishna Kumar, the father of Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik. As such, Nikita and Karthik had known each other since they were very young and later developed feelings for each other. The two families eventually decided to unite them in marriage when Karthik was just 21 years old. The marriage ceremony was hosted at a suburban hotel in Mumbai on May 02, 2007.

It was a private affair attended by close relatives and friends. Karthik’s teammates from the Indian team failed to attend the event as they were busy at the conditioning camp which was being held at Kolkata at the time before the upcoming tour of Bangladesh. A few days after his marriage, Karthik also joined the camp on its final day. The two remained married for seven years, during this time she made several appearances by his side. However, the couple quietly got divorced in 2012. Even though they did not have any children, she reportedly was pregnant at the time of the divorce.

Marriage to Murali Vijay

Later in 2012, Nikita Vijay again tied the knot with Murali Vijay, Karthik’s teammate from the Tamil Nadu state team and another national cricket player. It is believed that they first met during the 2012 IPL tournament while both the players represented different teams and played against each other. The two raised a number of eyebrows with their quick marriage the same year she divorced from her first husband, who was also Vijay’s friend.

The next year, she gave birth to her first child, a boy named Nirav. A couple years later, they welcomed a daughter named Iva. Recently in October 2017, she gave birth to her third child, a boy, who was introduced to the world by his older brother Nirav via an Instagram post by their father Vijay.

Controversies & Scandals

Nikita Vijay became a regular fix for tabloids in 2012 after the news of her divorce from Dinesh Karthik and her subsequent marriage to Murali Vijay were revealed in quick succession, followed by the birth of her son Nirav. While both Karthik and Vijay handled the situation in a very matured way, always keeping a low profile about their personal lives and never feeding the gossip mongers with the slightest of hint about what actually happened between them, news spread in Tamil media that Murali Vijay’s extra-marital affair with Nikita was the reason behind the divorce.

While according to some sources Vijay first saw her cheering for Karthik during one IPL 2012 match, it is not known how their relationship developed so quickly. Some feel they might have known each other since the time Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik played for the State team together. As Nikita was reportedly pregnant at the time of her divorce, the identity of the father of her first son has also been a hot topic for tabloids.

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