Dil e Jaanam HUM TV drama | cast real name, OST lyrics, title song mp3 download

Dil e Jaanam HUM TV drama | cast real name, OST lyrics, title song mp3 download

Dil-e-Jaanam, is a Pakistani television series, which first aired on 1 March on Hum TV. It was given Wednesday’s 8:00 pm slot but due to low rating and after 7 episodes, Dil e Jaanam aired on Friday at 8:00 p.m giving way to Yaqeen Ka Safar on Wednesdays.the show received not good ratings channel decide Dil e Jaanam was last aried on 21 july 2017.

It revolves around two cousins, Eshal (Hina Altaf Khan) and Shavez (Zahid Ahmed) engaged from childhood. But conditions change, when Shavez starts taking interest in a girl, Asma (Zhalay Sarhadi) but she doesn’t agree. After his 3 years of struggle, she agrees to marry him. At that time, she is an orphan girl. His parents, Rabiya (Shaheen Khan) and Rehman (Usman Peerzada) are unaware of fact and prepare to marry Shavez with his maternal uncle Usman (Anwar Iqbal)’s daughter Eshal.

While, Eshal has a friend Haris (Imran Ashraf), who helps her in every problem but Eshal has not feelings for him but he loves her. On the wedding day,Shavez does nikah with Asma and expresses his love for her in front of his parents. His parents are shocked to see them .A devastated Rabiya goes to apologize to her brother and sister-in-law . But they say her that it is not her fault as Shavez always wanted to marry Asma.

Haris kidnaps Eshal because as Shavez has left her on the way, she doesn’t agree to marry him. On the day of her marriage with Asad, he kidnaps her and shows her his face. All feel sorry for her that she wasn’t found but Haris, knowing that he had kidnapped her, any as he is also unknown. He leaves her after 3 days but still looks angry at her. All are oblivious of the fact that Haris had kidnapped her and are happy that Eshal is found.


Zahid Ahmed as Shavez
Usman Peerzada as Rehman
Imran Ashraf as Haris
Zhalay Sarhadi as Asma
Saba Faisal as Qudsia
Shaheen Khan as Rabiya
Hina Altaf Khan as Eshal shavez


Anwar Iqbal as Azeem
Shamim Hilaly as Rakshy
Zarnab as salma
Sofia Khan
Iqra Aziz as Samira
Aashiq Khan
Kamal Khan

Dil e Jaanam is a Pakistani drama serial. You will see beautiful Hina Altaf and Zahid Iftikhar in lead role in this drama. Dil e Jaanam is a family drama serial and a love story. If you are looking for Dil e Jaanam drama fresh and repeat timings, cast, wallpapers and OST song then you can find them here. you can also find the public reviews and opinion about Dil e Jaanam drama here.

Lyrics of Dil e Jaanam OST
Meri hi thi sari yeah khatain
Main nay nahi jana kun tujhe
Mujrim ho main tera humrahi
Chahay jo ab saza day tu mughy
Tune gham jo diya hai
Yeah satam jo kiya hai
Kiya us ki saza hai
tu bata day hum safar

Ay Dil e Jaanam dil yeah gharay
Na asy koi aahain bharay
Na lage ye lagan
Kahe ye mera maan
Koi na asa ishq na kare



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