COOL WOMAN: Aditi Rao Hydari’s Fitness Workout Tips & Diet Plan

COOL WOMAN: Aditi Rao Hydari’s Fitness Workout Tips & Diet Plan

Looking good means

Plenty of water. “To me, water is therapeutic,” she says, whether it is to drink or bathe in. On days she’s feeling low or tired, she will take a quick shower to feel better. It also means always removing make-up with a water-based cleanser, using a gentle soap-free face wash, and applying virgin coconut oil in winter to moisturise skin.

On her face, she rarely applies any soap. She uses raw milk, an oatmeal pack or a mixture of gram flour and yogurt to maintain her complexion.

While recalling her childhood memories, she said:
“As a kid, my mother would apply aloe vera to a rash or sandalwood on a zit. She would even burn neem oil to keep the mosquitoes away.”

Her winter skincare regime is very basic. The actress said:
“I keep my skin clean and healthy by using a water-based cleanser. I use a light moisturiser and also virgin coconut oil in the winter.”

Food is


The ability to eat healthy, limit portions, and not deny yourself (“Because you become a crotchety human being when you do.”). She doesn’t eat gluten and dairy, because that makes her feel uncomfortable, though she loves ghee and puts it into everything. And she’ll never stay hungry, because “I become like a 4-year-old then!”

She eats different things every day, egg or idli, chila, poha. She has a small appetite so she eats often. Mid-morning she’ll have almond milk or a handful of nuts. Lunch is quinoa or rice with dal and veg or fish, chicken, mutton–she’s not particular.

In the evening, she’ll have a bowl of upma or a salad, and at night it’s meat with lots of veggies. “I try not to eat rice at night, but only if I’m working towards something.

Stone Soup


Aditi swears by her mum’s ability to throw together a dish depending on the ingredients at hand. Here are a couple of salads.

> Mix cooked wild rice (or black or brown rice) with grated carrot, walnuts (or seeds) for crunch, cranberries for sweetness, and a dressing of lime, salt, and pepper.

> Mix avocado, cranberries, pine nuts; dress with lime, salt, pepper.

Aditi’s kitchen beauty DIYs


Here are two face packs with larder ingredients that work for Aditi:

When her skin feels oily: Mix 1/4 tsp. orange peel (dried and powdered), or fresh grated turmeric with 1 tsp besan and enough home-made yoghurt to make it into a paste.

When her skin feels dry: Mix 2 tsp. ground oats with 1/2 tsp. honey and enough milk to make it into a paste.

What is your basic beauty routine like?


I don’t use soap on my face. Instead, I use a natural cleansing mixture made with milk and besan or oats, to wash my face with twice a day. I use a rose gel from Good Earth or a regular moisturiser for hydration and apply sunscreen to my face and body if I remember to. I use Nimue SPF Body sunscreen, which I discovered in Cape Town, while I was shooting for Murder 3. I like to wear my hair loosely tousled or in a topknot.

I love water and it can change my mood completely when I’m feeling low. I have three to four showers a day, and like to dab water on my face through the day, even when I’m shooting with full makeup.

When I return home after a shoot, I use a Shu Uemura oil-based makeup remover. Sometimes, I use almond oil, too. Then I wash my face with a soap-free face wash or the homemade cleanser that I told you about. If I feel my skin needs extra hydration, I apply argan oil before going to bed.

What do you do for the hair?


I oil my hair with virgin coconut oil every week, and try to go for a hair spa at least once in three weeks. I feel my hair needs more care and nourishment.

Detailed diet plan of Aditi Rao Hydari

It is not only that gym keep Aditi fit and fine with a perfect body shape. Her balanced and strict diet helps her to carry out all the activities in which she is fully involved. Her diet includes each and every nutrients and she never skips any meal a day. She takes all food in very little portion gives the right amount of nutrients to the body.

Breakfast- It consists of a glass of juice, 2 to 3 eggs and oatmeal. She also drinks a glass of milk sometimes.
Lunch – During lunch her regular intake is brown rice, roti with some sabji. During shooting she eats some nuts and light snacks with green tea.


Evening time she normally goes for sald or upma.
Dinner – Aditi loves having soup in her dinner. Sometimes she like meat with veggies or brown rice with

Her diet also includes some home cooked wild rice with carrots, walnuts, cranberries, lime, salt and pepper.
She also like the salad she learnt from her mother which is a mix of avocado, pine nuts, and cranberries properly dressed with pepper, salt and lime.

She states that she loves to eat everything once a while. Even roti with jiggery attracts her quiet a lot.

Aditi Rao takes in lot of water the whole day which helps her to flush out all the harmful and toxins away from her body. She was bought up in Rishi valley boarding and thus she prefers eating organic food which is absolutely fresh and collected from the farm. She never exploits her body with any addiction as her father expired due to lung cancer.

Aditi Rao Hydari diet tips

It is not only her diet and workout that gives her body, skin a perfect shape and colour but also the upkeep of herself helps her to keep her beauty intact.

She takes special care of her hair, by oiling it with Moroccan Oil which is the best; iron it when required and deep condition the hair in order to nourish it properly.

According to Aditi, water has a huge role to play for a healthy and fit body. She drinks plenty of water and takes a fresh shower whenever her life treats her will some low mood. The fresh water baths peps her up and she get back to normal.

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