Bannu: Official Travel Guide, Things to See, Picnic Places

Bannu: Official Travel Guide, Things to See, Picnic Places

Banū or Bannu is the principal city of the Bannu District in southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Bannu was once a British military base used for action against Afghan border tribes. Inhabitants of Bannu are known as Banuchi, and speak a specific dialect of Pashto.

Bannu Town Ship (Pheasantry) Park
Zoo in Pakistan
Address: Bannu Town ship Zoo, Pakistan

is a scenic southern district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province; flanked and guarded on all sides by the hard and dried mountain ranges of Koh-e-Safed and Koh-e-Suleiman.

It is located approximately 190 kilometers south of Peshawar, 120 kilometers south-west of Kohat and 140 kilometers north of Dera Ismail Khan. It lies in the heart of southern region with its boundaries touching districts of Karak, Lakki Marwat and the North, and South Waziristan Agencies.

The Kurrum River and Gambila or Tochi River run down from the hills of Waziristan and make it a land of meadows, crops and orchards. Every kind of crop and fruit can be grown in Bannu, but the bananas, dates, figs and rice are unique in their taste, shape and size.

Although Pashto is the main language spoken in Bannu, but a small portion of the population also speak Urdu and Punjabi. Interestingly, in some areas Pashto is spoken with a tiny mix of Hindko, Marwati and Waziri.

Bannu inhabits a rich and diverse culture. Men usually wear Kameez Shalwar with a Waistcoat and a Shawl and the traditional Bannu sandals, while women prefer wearing colorful clothes. The traditional music of Bannu is the Dhol and Rabaab. It is known for its amazing food. Painda and Palao are the famous cuisines of Bannu.

It is also famous for its unique and enthusiastic celebrations during festivals. On the eve of Eid, people gather in the village centers around huge bonfires and dance and celebrate with music and fireworks. Marriages are also celebrated in a very elaborative fashion. Another important time of celebration is the harvest season.

People gather in the fields and reap the crops as a team and the traditional Bannusai Dhol is played to keep the people motivated.

Must see places
Bannu is famous for its British era architecture. A British era City Wall built in the 18th Century with several gates opening into every direction is a major tourist attraction and provide a glimpse into the history. Another must see place in Bannu is the giant fort named Dilip Singh Fort.

Apart from the classical architecture, Bannu offers a variety of markets and business centers. The Chowk Bazar is the most famous market in the entire southern region. Every day, in the evening people gather in Chowk Bazar and celebrate festivities, dance to the traditional music rhythm and eat and share sweets.

Other famous markets include Chai Bazar (famous for variety of tea), Jaman Road Bazar (famous for countless Jaman trees alongside the road), Tehsil Bazar (famous for gold merchants), and Gardanali Gali (famous for ladies items), Tail Mandi (famous for all kinds of oil) and Gurh Mandi (famous for the best Gurh in the region).

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