Ayun, Chitral: Official Travel Guide, Things to See, Picnic Places

Ayun, Chitral: Official Travel Guide, Things to See, Picnic Places

Ayun is an administrative unit, known as Union Council and village in Chitral district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, 12 km south of the town of Chitral. It is located on the Chitral River at its confluence with the Bumburet River. Mountains surround the village. The Bumburet River runs the length of the village and is harnessed to generate electricity for both Ayun and for the village of Broze.

The Bumburet River also provides water for irrigation and for drinking.

Ayun Valley is a beautiful village which located around 12 Km in the south of Chitral. While travelling through Chitral road along side river Kunar, you will see a beautiful village down across the river. The natural beauty of this place is genuinely appealing and will force you to come for a closer look. This village is known as the hub of activities and you will find lots of hustle and bustle while standing up there on the road.

Ayun Valley is linked with a hanging bridge which is a masterstroke of engineering. Ayun village is full of natural beauty and resources. You will find green fields across the village. Also you can enjoy some fresh fruits which you have hardly seen before. There are shops in the main bazaar from where you can have some beautiful handicrafts which are made by locals. How can you miss the traditional flavor of Chitrali food while coming to Ayun valley. The place may be called a mini Chitral where you will have all the colors and festivity of this area.

The place is also known as a gateway to the Kalash valley. It would be lovely if you have an overnight stay in Ayun valley as the village is facilitated with all the modern needs of tourists. We hope you will enjoy your trip to this marvelous place.


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