Avinash Chavan Family, Wedding Pics | Age, Biography, Height, Wiki, Scandal, Wife, Daughter, Son

Avinash Chavan Family, Wedding Pics | Age, Biography, Height, Wiki, Scandal, Wife, Daughter, Son

A 35-year-old director of a well-known coaching centre in Maharashtra’s Latur was allegedly shot dead by unidentified persons, the police said today.

Avinash Chavan, the director of ‘Step by Step’ tutorial classes, was returning home in his car when the assailants fired at him near Shivaji school around midnight, an official attached to the local Crime Branch unit said.

Mr Chavan, who was alone in the vehicle, sustained three bullet wounds in his chest and died on the spot, the official said.


Preliminary investigation suggested that there were two assailants. However, more people could be involved in plotting and planning the attack, the official said.

The motive behind the killing was yet to be confirmed, he said, adding that the incident was being probed from all angles, including if the victim had any professional rivalry or personal enmity.

Mr Chavan, who had achieved success in a short span of time, used to run about five coaching centres in Latur and was planning to launch another one in Nanded district today, the official said.


The Latur Police have unearthed the mystery of Step by Step Coaching class owner Avinash Chavan’s murder in 36 hours. The police have revealed that the motive of the murder is competition between his and rival coaching class centre. The police has revealed that owner of Kumar Maths class Chandankumar Sharma gave a ransom of 20 lakhs of rupees to murder Chavan. The police has also revealed that Karan Singh who carried out the killing was a private body guard of Latur’s guardian minister Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar.

Latur, a non-descript town in Central Maharashtra known for it’s merit toppers and coaching classes, was in shock when it heard of the murder of Step by Step coaching class owner Avinash Chavan. Chavan was shot dead near Shivaji School in Saraswati Colony. Immediately after the murder, the town saw many hoardings paying homage to Chavan springing up in Udyognagar. But little did anyone know that the Chandankumar Sharma who put up these hoardings was the same guy who paid the blood money to murder him.

Chandankumar Sharma, a BE in Mechanical Engineering, came to Latur from Bihar in 2009. After serving in a well-known college in Latur, Sharma started his own coaching class to impart science tuitions to 11 and 12th grade students.


A standard coaching class in Latur charges upto 20,000 rupees for one subject. Chavan entered the market as a disruptor and charged only 3000 rupees per subject from the students.

In four years, Chavan his business prospered so much that he distributed prizes worth one crore to students to encourage admission in his classes. The progress that Chavan made unsettled Sharma to such an extent that he paid a ransom of 20 lakhs to get him killed.

“Chavan was murdered because of intense professional rivalry. We have arrested Chandankumar Sharma,” said Dr Shivajirao Rathod, Superitendent of Police, Latur. Sources have revealed that the alleged killer Karan Singh was the bodyguard of State Guardian minister Sambhaji Patil-Nilangekar, however he was not working with him since the last few days.


In 2012, Chandankumar Sharma and Avinash Chavan founded Disha classes. Both sensed that the business is a multicrore affair in Latur However, the partnership broke in 2014 and Chavan started his own chain of coaching classes

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