Anila Khawaja Family, Wedding Pics | Age, Biography, Height, Wiki, Husband, Daughter, Son

Anila Khawaja Family, Wedding Pics | Age, Biography, Height, Wiki, Husband, Daughter, Son

Anila Khawaja said that the sole reason she came back from London in 2005 was her love for her country in the wake of a natural disaster.

Reham had alleged in her new controversial book that Khawaja had an illicit affair with Imran, as well as, exerting enormous control over him.

According to the legal notice served to Reham, the journalist called Khawaja “chief of the harem” in the manuscript of her autobiography.

PTI “media coordinator” Anila Khawaja has kept Khan’s Twitter account, which enjoys more than half a million followers, active with frequent campaign updates and photos of rallies and appearances.

While not exactly a gasp-inducing Twitter following, Khan’s social media monopoly has tremendous impact in engaging voters in Pakistan, as well as non-resident Pakistanis, in an unprecedented way.

Khan connects with voters directly through the Internet, as opposed to “pandering” to mainstream media outlets, which he shuns as corrupt.

Anila Khawaja, Khan’s British-born international media “coordinator.” A vivacious woman in her early 40s, Khawaja was one of the many expatriate Pakistanis either bankrolling or volunteering for Khan’s political campaign.

They, along with the tony youth of Lahore and Karachi, hold up one end of Khan’s diverse fan base that also includes lower-middle-class youth from small Punjabi towns and the tribal regions of the northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. “Imran speaks our language,” Khawaja told me in her British-accented English.

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