Amla Murabba recipe in urdu hindi | How to make amla murabba recipe

Amla Murabba recipe in urdu hindi | How to make amla murabba recipe


1/2 kg fresh amla
1 kg sugar
1 tsp black cardamom pods, crushed
1/2 tsp saffron strands
Water, as needed


1. Place the amla and water in a large pan, and bring it to a boil. Continue cooking till the amla is tender, and about half the amount of water remains.
2. Drain the water in a separate bowl, and set aside. Remove the seeds from the amla.

3. In another pan, heat the sugar with more water. Cook the sugar till it dissolves completely, and forms a syrup.
4. Now add the pitted amla, cardamom, and saffron. Stir the mix, and continue cooking till it is thick and translucent.
5. Turn off the heat, and let the murabba come down to room temperature. Store it in large mason jars.

Amla murabba goes well with everything, from rotis and paranthas to pulaos and plain rice. If you’re the sort who likes to indulge in a bowl full of achaar, this murabba is going to be your best friend–because it defines healthy and tasty Indian flavours!


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