Alif Allah Aur Insaan Hum TV drama | cast real name, OST lyrics, title song mp3 download

Alif Allah Aur Insaan Hum TV drama | cast real name, OST lyrics, title song mp3 download

Alif Allah Aur Insaan (Urdu: الف اللہ اور انسان‎; lit: “A” Allah and Human), is a Pakistani spiritual and mythological drama serial that premiered on Hum TV on March 21, 2017.[1] It is created by Momina Duraid, as part of a night programming all under Duraid’s MD production company and is written by Qaisra Hayat based on her novel of the same name,[2] it was Hayat’s second screenplay and story in a row after she penned Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi and presented it as a Television series for the same channel. The series is directed by Ahson Talish.

Alif Allah Aur Insaanl is the story of trust and relationships, it revolves around five different people from five totally different backgrounds and their faith and conviction. It highlights the concept of how the creator rewards the people who believe in hard work and patience.The story is told in a heavily serialized manner. Each episode follow a sequence of the lives of Shahzaib, Nazneen, Nigar, Shamu and Rani. It Stars Ushna Shah, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Kubra Khan, Shehzad Sheikh, Imran Ashraf[3] and Sana Nawaz Story includes a moral lessons regarding respect, love and care in relationships.


Alif Allah Aur Insaan is the story of trust and relationships, story revolves around five different people from five totally different backgrounds and their faith and conviction. It highlights the concept of how the creator rewards the people who believe in hard work and patience. It depicts the story of a young landlord Shahzeb (Mikaal Zulfiqar) who once saw Nazneen Malik (Kubra Khan) on her sisters wedding and fell in love with her, similarly Nazneen happens to be the spoilt child of her rich father Hashmat Malik (Usman Peerzada). On the same wedding, Nazneen insults Shamu (Imran Ashraf) and his fellows who were invited by her parents to perform their dance. Nazi insults them for being Transgenders after which Shammu curses her that one day she will lose all her fate. Simultaneously Basit (Shehzad Sheikh) happens to be son of Malik’s most respected workers/servants.

On the other hand, Story depicts the life of Rani (Ushna Shah) a street beggar who is forced to beg and bring money to her father (Saife Hassan), she believes in Human equality and saved Shamu from mocking goons which left him in love with her. One day Rani comes across a beautiful place where a florist tells her about the beauty and fate of the towns well known woman ‘Nigar Begum’ (Sana Nawaz), this fascinates Rani who constantly prays to be like her one day. It is revealed that Nigar begum is a head courtesan who shelters homeless girls in her brothel to work for her, it is also revealed in flashbacks that Shahzeb was once forced by his friends to see Nigar Begum’s Mujra dance. Despite going there on his friend’s consent, Shahzeb was least interested and remained decent which made Negar falling in love with him, but he rejects her love and insults after which a heartbroken Nigar curses him that one day he will be rejected by the same way he rejected her.

Rani’s father decides to get her marriage to Rasheed who would in-return pay him extra Mahr Payment. In order to finish begging and to deny her fathers command for marriage, Rani decides to fulfil her only dream of becoming Nigar Begum. She decides to visits Nigar and asks her to keep her as her maid thinking that she will live a luxurious life better than a that of a beggar which she considers a mess. She rejects Shamu’s love, insults him for being a transgender and approaches Nigar keeping in mind that once she has arrived she can never go back. Facing her rejection, Shamu is left heartbroken and he decides to earn and work with necessity thus joining a local barber’s shop. Negar Begum keeps Rani as her maid and renames her as Reena Begum. Simultaneously Shahzeb takes his marriage proposal for Nazneen and gets engaged with her who is least interested to marry him. Later she opens up about her wish of studying in the city, she is sent to Lahore on Shahzeb’s consent and her parents hold Basit as her guardian.


With growing time Shahzeb begins questioning himself and God that why Nazi doesn’t love him back, with his questions he faces religious confusions and regularly visits an Islamic Molvi (Qavi Khan) who’s knowledge and words help him with religious knowledge. Similarly Shamu earns fame and becomes a popular hairstylist where as Rani starts to realise that her life has not changed the way she wanted. Nazneen on the other hand falls in love with Basit who holds his parents self-respect as his highest priority. One day Nigar Begam punishes one of her workers and orders to kill her which is overseen by Rani after which she regrets to enter Kohti and realises that the life she was living as a begger was far better than where she is now. She realises that God has given her a chance to escape but also vows to accomplish her dreams. The next day Nigar Begum is overwhelmed and fascinated since Nawazish Ali (Farhan Ali Agha) is visiting the Kohti to judge her for his next film.

There he sees Rani and selects her for is next film which irks Nigar Begum, following her anger he insults her character and leaves after which she brutally punishes Rani. The next day her family contacts Shamu to bring her back, he convinces Nigar to fire Rani so he safely takes her back. Rani is told to leave immediately, she realises that once again God has given her chance to leave but she again vows to fulfil her dream, for this she poisons Nigar Begum and kills her. Where as Naazi on the other hand reveals about Shahzeb visiting Nigar Begum after which her father furiously cancels the wedding and fixes Naazi’s marriage with Basit. Chaman Begum along with Chandu decides to finalise Reena as the ne head courtesan, she is constantly warned by Shamu but she once again insults him and takes Nigar begums place. On the night of her fist Mujra, Reena finds out that after the dance a courtesan must began prostitution for the Kohti’s revenue. She is forced and the same day she regrets to take Nigar begum’s place. Moreover, Basit’s father reveals to Malik Hashmat about Naazi and Basit’s love affair after which he furiously cancels the wedding and accepts Shahzeb’s appology and explanation. A furious Naazi visits Basit and begs him to accept her love but gets rejected. Basit moves to another city for job whereas Naazi gets married to Shahzeb. Reena on the other hand sees Nigar Begum’s ghost who promises to punish her.

One day Producer Nawazish Ali comes to the brothel again and asks Reena to be casted in his film. After her acceptance he begins spending more time in the brothel with her and the two eventually engage in a negative relationship which influences all other prostitutes to go against Reena. Simultaneously Basit loses his job and his parents are banished from the village on Malik’s order. On the other hand Nazneen confronts Shahzeb that she loved someone else. She gave Shahzeb no right to touch her and asks him to continue a non-physical relationship, this hurts Shahzeb who visit baba ji and questions about God again. He is told that he must never praise his love above God. Set in the city of Lahore, story introduces two more characters, Zimal (Nimra Khan) and Shaheer (Omer Shehzad) who study in a art institute.

After Zimal’s Nikkah, her fiancé went abroad for education and her marriage was scheduled to take place after his degree, whereas Shaheer falls in love with her. There in Punjab, Shahzeb decides to build a Mosque and discusses the architecting with Baba ji, he calls the most talent architect and coincidentally finds Basit who was already aware of him being Nazneen’s husband but accepted his job since he was unemployed. Complications begin when he takes him to live in his house and Nazneen has no control over her feelings. Simultaneously Reena accepts Nawazish Ali’s marriage proposal, she is warned several times by Chaman Begum against him but despite her concern she continues to marry him and quits the brothel where Shireen bai succeeds her as the new head courtesan. Zimal’s husband mails her divorce paper which shocked her and her family.


Lyrics of Alif Allah Aur Insaan OST
Sab to uncha naam hai Allah
Banda kami, banda jhalla
Duwawain to rakh bichaa
Alif Allah aur insaan
Moula jee, moula jee

Mitti da bawa, karda hai dawa
Jo sochiya ker wakhaya
Rab no tay manda hay
Rab di nai manda
Kehnda hai sab mein kamaya
Duwawain to rakh bichaa
Alif Allah aur insaan
Moula jee, moula jee

Ishq nachaya, Ishq rolaya
Ishq nay jeena sikhaya
Ishq raza hai, Ishq dua hai
Ishq hi rab ki atta hai
Duwawain to rakh bichaa
Alif Allah aur insaan
Moula jee, moula jee

The story revolves around five different people from five totally different backgrounds and their faith and conviction.


Director: Ahson Talish
Producer: Momina Duraid
Writer: Qaisra Hayat
Stars: Mikaal Zulfiqar, Kubra Khan > See Full Cast & Crew
Genre: Socio-Romantic
Official Facebook Page: Alif Allah Aur Insaan

Country: Pakistan
Language: Urdu
Number of Episodes: 3 Episodes as of May 13th, 2017
Release Date: April 25th, 2017

Alif Allah Aur Insan is a Pakistani drama serial which is aired on HUM TV. This drama serial is based on serial, family and romantic story. In this serial Mikaal Zulfiqar and Kubra Khan are in leading roles. Ainy Zaidi, Azra Mansoor, Sana Fakhar and Zahra Shah are also in this serial. If you are looking for Alif Allah Aur Insan drama actors name, repeat timings, OST title songs, photos and videos then you can find them here. you can also find the public opinions and reviews of Alif Allah Aur Insan drama here.


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