Adhi Gawahi Hum TV drama | cast real name, OST lyrics, title song mp3 download

Adhi Gawahi Hum TV drama | cast real name, OST lyrics, title song mp3 download

Aadhi Gawahi raises questions on the sensitive issue of “Nikah” and highlights how the subjects of “divorce” and “nikah” should not be taken lightly. Aadhi Gawahi is an interwoven story of Salwa, Saad, Hamdan, Soha and their families and depicts how an assumed “joke” amongst Salwa and Hamdan transformed Salwa and her family’s lives into a bad dream. Salwa and her cousin Saad like each other, however when they are going to get married, their batch mate Hamdan approaches with pictures and video of his “Nikah” with Salwa which was recorded at a play as a joke when Hamdan declined to play her significant other in the play since she was not a “mehrum.” What takes after is an account of regret, battle and repercussions of Salwa’s evil idea design.

The story revolves around Salwa and Saad, childhood best friends and cousins, Hamdan and the issue of an unintentional nikkah.

Salwa is a modern, sweet, kind and fun-loving girl living with her mother, her uncles and their respective families following the death of her father. Most family members are quite happy with this arrangement, especially Saad’s mother and the older Bhabhi, Rana, who sees Salwa as her own and wants her son and Salwa to get married.

This does not sit well with the younger Bhabhi Khawla, who sees Salwa as competition for her own daughter, Soha, who is deeply in love with Saad and deeply despises her for the attention Saad reserves just for Salwa while basically ignoring Soha.

Enters Chaudhry Hamdan Mustafa, a rich, egoistic, spoiled brat who fancies Salwa and is deeply possessive about her. Not only is he possessive about her but he would do just about anything to ensure that Salwa is his. He is used to getting what he wants, courtesy of his mother who turns a blind eye to all of his faults out of love, and to him Salwa is no different.

Salwa dislikes Hamdan and his backward mentality, but puts up with him for the sake of Saad and the rest of their friends. With final semester coming to an end, there is only one last assignment standing in the way of these friends and graduation – a short film that is due very soon. At first everything is seemingly fine, until Saad breaks his leg which prompts Salwa to be paired up with Hamdan for a class project that is due soon. Even though the theme of the project revolves around women empowerment, it becomes the downfall for Salwa. By agreeing to shoot a Nikkah scene with Hamdan, Salwa unknowingly marries Hamdan for real which sets the premise of the entire show since she is to be married to Saad soon after. Before the marriage, Salwa is kidnapped unbeknowst to everyone else who beliefed she ran away. Due to Salwa’s disappearance, Saad is married to his cousin Soha. After his marriage, Salwa comes home to find a married Saad, her mother has an angina attack and is in the hospital. She turns her back against her family for not trusting her.


Main cast

Sohai Ali Abro as Salwa Mansoor
Azfar Rehman as Chaudhry Hamdan Mustafa
Ali Josh as Saad
Uzma Khan as Soha
Maria Malik as Nageen
Usama Khan as Usama

Recurring cast

Ayesha Sana as Hamdan’s mother
Saleem Sheikh as Hamdan’s uncle
Munazzah Arif as Ayesha
Humayun Gul as Azhar
Khalid Butt as Naeem
Marium Shafee as Rana (eldest sister in law)
Ruhi Khan as Khawla (youngest sister in law)
Arman Ali Pasha as Faseeh
Muazma Arif as Nighat
Mian Suhail as Bilal


Azfar thinks it’s best to be selective. He’s chosen Hum TV’s Aadhi Gawahi as his next project, where he plays a rather unsavoury character.

“This guy is basically negative,” says Azfar. “Nothing makes him negative, he is just a negative person. He thinks he can achieve anything on the basis of his money and power. His family belongs to politicians. My character wants to be with Sohai [Ali Abro] and reacts terribly to being rejected by her.”

He adds, “It’s an issue-based project and not like the regular love stories that Sohai and I have done previously. Unlike Tumhari Natasha and Kesi Paheli, we have no lovey-dovey scenes. It’s a total clash of two characters. I have loved playing this character because it has so many layers of negativity. He’s a powerful guy with a crazy, one-track mind. Sohai has also never played such a character before. It’s a groundbreaking project for both us.”

About the cast and crew of Aadhi Gawahi, Azfar reveals, “Ayesha Sana will be playing my mother and Saleem Sheikh plays my uncle. Both are pivotal characters in the drama. Uzma Khan (Jawani Phir Nahi Ani) is also in it. Momina Duraid is heading it and Fahim Burney is directing it.”


The drama has been written by Saima Akram Chudhery.

Singer : Naveed Nashad, Aima Baig
Lyrics : Mubashir Hassan
Composer : Naveed Nashad
Writer : Saima Akram Chaudhary

Aadhi Gawahi OST Lyrics from HUM TV Sung by Aima Baig and Naveed Nashad

Kyun bane tu yun begaana
Hun tera saaya tera zamana
Na mujhy tu aazmana
Mein ishq tera hon, hun teri perchai
Lekin tujhko meri samajh na aayi
Aanso dety hain mere rooz duhai


Kyun bane tu yun begaana
Hun tera saaya tera zamana
Na mujhy tu aazmana
Mein ishq tera hon, hun teri perchai
Lekin tujhko meri samajh na aayi
Aanso dety hain mere rooz duhai

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