24 (2016) | 10 Facts That Will Make You Watch The Full Movie

24 (2016) | 10 Facts That Will Make You Watch The Full Movie


24 is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language science fiction thriller[4] film written and directed by Vikram Kumar. Based on the concept of time-travel, the film stars actor Suriya in triple roles, with actresses Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nithya Menen and Saranya Ponvannan in lead roles.

The development dates back to 2009, where the film was to feature actors Vikram and Ileana D’Cruz in lead roles. However, in February 2010, the project was dropped due to difference in opinions between director, producer and actor, facing rejection of the refined script. In August 2014, Suriya agreed to produce and act in the film, with principal photography commencing in Mumbai in April 2015, continuing in Nasik, Goregaon and Pune. The second phase of filming was done in Poland by end-September 2015. Filming was completed in Chennai by November 2015.

Produced by 2D Entertainment, the film has cinematography by S. Tirru. The soundtrack and film score are composed by A. R. Rahman, with lyrics by Vairamuthu and Madhan Karky. The film along with the dubbed Telugu version having the same title was released on 6 May 2016.[5] It is also dubbed in Hindi as Time Story.

The film won two awards at the 64th National Film Awards – Best Cinematography and Best Production Design.

Also, Suriya has won the Critics Best Actor Award at 64th Filmfare Awards



Suriya in a triple role as
Dr. Sethuraman, a scientist who invented time travelling 24 watch.
Athreya, Sethuraman’s twin who wants to get hold of watch
Manikandan “Mani” Sethuraman aka Subramani, Sethuraman’s son

Samantha Ruth Prabhu as Sathyabhama aka Sathya (Sandhyabharathi aka Sandhya in hindi dubbed version), Mani’s love interest.
Nithya Menen as Priya Sethuraman, Sethuraman’s wife
Saranya Ponvannan as Sathyabhama, Mani’s adoptive mother
Ajay as Mithran, Athreya’s sidekick

Girish Karnad as Sathya’s Grandfather
Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Arya Shankara
Mithu Chakrabarty as Arya’s Wife
Mohan Raman as Sathya’s father

Sudha as Sathya’s mother
Sathyan as Saravanan, Mani’s friend
Charle as Reddiyar
Appukutty as Reddiyar’s staff

Harsha Vardhan as Kalai, electrician who works for Athreya
Natarajan Balkrishna as Sathya’s uncle
T S Ranganathan as Sathya’s uncle


Suriya who is famous for doing stunts without body doubles risked his life by jumping from a running train which is 90+ feet high.


In an interview with The Hindu, Suriya told that recording of one more track was completed by September 2015. According to lyricist Madhan Karky, for the track “Naan Un”, Rahman had composed a tune and wanted him to write something. He came up with the lines – “Naan Un Azhaginile Deivam Unarugiren”. Rahman usually reads something for inspiration before composing the tunes and for this particular situation of composing the track, he had picked up a random page from a book and the lines he read there were: “In your beauty I see the manifestation of God” which translates back to “Naan Un Azhaginile Deivam Unarugiren”. Karky noted this co-incidence on composing the track

The duration of movie is 164 mins. Product of the digits1x6x4 gives a 24. Also the story at the beginning of the movie happens on 13-01-1990 sum of the digits give again a 24. Not a coincidence

Suriya appearing as an old man in this film, for which the make up takes about 5hr to complete

This is the second tamil movie to feature time travelling, after Indru Netru Nallai.

In 24 movie, Suriya is doing a triple role for the first time.

The development of this film dates back to 2009, where the film was to feature actors Vikram and Ileana D’Cruz in lead roles. However, in February 2010, the film was dropped due to difference in opinions between director, producer and actor.

During one of the scenes, the hero tells the repair cost of a watch as Rs.247. This cost value depicts the value 24×7 of time


The trailer, teaser and the first look posters featured Suriya as a paraglider. However, the paragliding sequences were removed by the film editor due to time constraints. In an interview, the editor stated that paragliding is Manis (character played by Suriya) hobby and was supposed to be featured as an introductory scene for Mani. Later, he stated that the deleted scene would be featured in the second part of the film; planned as 24 Decoded.

24 collect 73 crs in 7 days

In an interview, Vikram Kumar has said that Athreya’s appearance is inspired from Stephen Hawking.

In the film, the villain, Athreya, has the habit of telling a punch dialogue “Aayushman Bhava” which translates to “May you live long” before killing someone. As it turns out, none of those killed by him in the film are actually dead or are brought back to life by time travel, thereby justifying the “Aayushman Bhava” dialogue.

Initially the film had a duration of 2 hours 44 minutes bt later it had been trimmed to 2 hours 34 minutes in order to make it racy.

The time controlling device isn’t a car or a big structure as like in other movies, in this movie it is symbolically a watch. Well, what else comes to our mind other than a watch, when speaking about time.

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor planned an action against Suriya and his production house 2D Entertainment due to the use of ’24’ in the film title. It seemed similar to the American TV series 24, for which Kapoor had bought the remake rights from 20th Century Fox International TV. Later legal issue was settled outside the court before the movie release.


Originally Suriya was going to play the double role in the movie, playing father and son. Actor Surya really wanted Malayalam actor Kalabhavan Mani to play the role of villain Athreya, but Kalabhavan Mani declined the offer. The role was finally played by Surya himself, making his first triple role in his filmography.

The movie grossed about 157 Cr box office. It crossed the previous 100 cr record of suria movie Singham 2.

24 earned 100 crore in 10 Days WW Gross as per the Official Reports.

This movie is different from Indru Netru Naalai. In this movie, whoever uses or touches the watch, travels back in time and wakes up in their younger form with the memories of future. And the device has time freeze option too. Whereas in Indru Netru Naalai, the users travel with their present bodies to the past and too their past bodies exist in the same time. In other words, one’s present character and past character can exist at the same time.

24 movie is little different from other time traveling movies. The movie deals with a logic where the users can travel back and forth in time only for the time inbetween 24 hours of a day (The reason for the title of this movie). They can’t go to yesterday nor tomorrow, where the date and year are added later to the watch as a part of the story.

24 film Grossed ultimately 73.8 crores in 7 days and grossed 100 crores in 10 days Worldwide Box Office.

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